About Us

90 Percent of the work, 50 percent of the pay, 100 percent devoted!

American Medic Apparel is an apparel company devoted to EMS professionals, volunteers and all who support them.  Whether you are a Paramedic, EMT, T.E.M.S operator, Volunteer, retired or just want to show your support our products are meant for you.  Our goal is to provide quality apparel that can be worn with pride.  We design and produce apparel that we are proud to wear ourselves.  While we respect and value the entire public sector field we are devoted to the Thin White Line family.  We understand that it is a thankless and overlooked profession but that doesn't stop you from doing what you love.  Wear American Medic Apparel with pride knowing that the blood, sweat and tears you have shed have not gone unnoticed.  We appreciate all of you and are in awe of your devotion to your profession.

Feel free to contact us for any reason at americanmedicapparel@gmail.com